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Friday, May 11, 2007

Ongoing at Hopewell

My solo show at the Hopewell Frame Shop Gallery is over now. It went really well and was a lot of fun. Abby, the owner, has asked me to stay on and leave a few paintings for her permanent gallery. Downstairs is for the changing shows, but there is also an upstairs gallery where she keeps some regular artists up all the time.

So now I show in these 3 galleries:

8x10 oil on panel


  1. Joe, congratulation's on your show going so well and the THREE galleries. Very nice and well deserved.

    I've been so busy lately with this and that there has been very little time to even look at blogs lately let alone comment, but I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about your set-up and best of all your painting process. You did a great job of explaining all your steps, from how you chose your location/subject to the problem with the color of the bridge and how you corrected it... wonderful information. I enjoyed seeing and reading why you chose the violet in the beginning process. I've always been confused as to why an oil painter and pastel artest puts down one color only to cover it up with another... your explaination really has helped. I do wonder though, why did you chose a warm toned canvas(yellow ochre?)

    Thanks for your step-by-step, I've printed it out for my first attempt... maybe soon.

  2. Nancy, as to why I chose a yellow ochre toned canvas: To be honest, the main reason is that it's what I had with me! I find that a warm tone works best for most of my paintings, so all of my pre-toned canvases or panels are toned with yellow ochre or transparent red oxide. In this painting, I had covered up almost all of that undertone, but it does show through in the water - the yellow ocher below the transparent red oxide that I used in the water area gives it a certain glow that you can get with opaque paints alone. But to be honest, the yellow ochre doesn't add a whole lot to this painting. In some others, I leave quite a bit of the undertone showing through, and that can help help unify things.

  3. Hi Joe, I have been lurking here a bit and really enjoy watching your process of painting outdoors. Lovely work.

    And I am also tagging you, which feels like a rather silly thing, but there you go. If you want to participate, (you sure don't have to) list 7 things about yourself and then list 7 blogs and let them know you are tagging them. My post is up today if you want to check it out.

  4. Thanks, Tracy. And thanks for tagging me - it was good motivation to write a little more about myself.


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