Monday, July 23, 2007

Coventry Farm

This painting was done on a trail bordering Coventry Farm in Princeton Township, NJ. It's the J. Seward Johnson, Sr Trail, and the long wooden boardwalk that I'm standing on bridges over some wetland. I liked how the hard geometry of the walkway contrasts with the softness all around it. And, it was a nice change of pace from all of the buildings I've been painting lately:
"Coventry Farm Boardwalk"
8x10 oil on panel

One thing I have to remember is that while my umbrella provides a nice spot of shade for my paintbox, it doesn't do much for me. It was a hot day and I was roasting in the sun when I did this one. And I also have to be careful not to bump my tripod when standing on elevated walkways - I almost sent everything tumbling off the edge, but managed to recover with only getting a little bit of paint on my shirt. One of the many hazards of painting en plein air.

Coventry Farm is a beautiful piece of preserved farmland which borders a few other parks - together they form a very big chunk of preserved land in an area that really needs it. I'll have to explore some of the more wooded trails next, so I can find a shady and cooler spot to paint.

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