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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Backyard Paintings

A couple of weeks ago, we had some nice weather but I didn't have enough time to drive somewhere to paint. I really wanted to get out, paint some autumn scenes, and enjoy the nice day, so I took my paintbox out in my back yard and did this one - the back of my yard is wooded and the property behind me is all woods:

"October Woods"
10x8 oil on canvas on panel

The following day I had the same dilemma so it was out into my back yard again. This is my garage (which is nearly big enough to fit one car into):

"Late October"
8x10 oil on canvas on panel

I hardly ever think of painting in my own yard, but I realize I have some good scenery a few minutes from my back door so I'm hoping to do some snow scenes back here this winter. It'll be nice to know that a cup of hot chocolate won't be very far away.


  1. Lovely backyard. Do you use a palette knife?


  2. Thanks, Judy. I did use a palette knife in these - quite a bit in "October Woods", not as much in "Late October". I've been using the knife a lot more lately, but I think the key is find the right balance of knife work and brush work, using each where it's most appropriate.


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