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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Opening and Grand Reopening

In my last post, I mentioned that Artists' Gallery had moved to a new location.  What I failed to mention is that this is a pretty significant event for us.  Artists' Gallery is an artists' cooperative of 18 equal partners who staff and run the gallery - there is no gallery owner to fall back on, we do it all ourselves.   So after 15 years of being on Coryell Street, an opportunity came up to move the gallery to a much nicer space at a much nicer location.  It was too good to pass up so we signed the lease in mid January and have been working hard ever since so that we were ready to open for business at the new location in March.   Physically, the building was in great shape but there were still so many details and unexpected complications to work on.   Did you know that you need permits and approval from 3 different local government bodies just to put your business's sign out front?   I certainly didn't.  I bet you don't know how expensive a gallery full of new halogen light bulbs is either!  So the permanent signs are not up yet but the inside is well finished, well lit, and if I say so myself, the gallery looks absolutely gorgeous.   We started with a pretty blank slate:

and finished with this (permanent signage yet to come):

The photos above are from my 2-man show "Local Color" with Michael Schweigart.  The wall of black-framed paintings are mine, the gold-framed paintings are Mike's.  I'd love to say that we planned this show so thoroughly, right down to the frames that each of us would use... but that would be lying - it was pure chance but I really like the end result.

Besides the main room where our 2-man show is hung, the gallery has other rooms, nooks and crannies where the other members' works are on display:

If you made it this far, I'd like to remind you that the Opening Reception for "Local Color" is Saturday, March 13 from 5-8pm.

And this opening also serves as the Grand Reopening of Artists' Gallery at our new location:

Artists' Gallery
18 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530
map & directions

Saturday may be rainy but at least it's not snow.
I really hope you can make it out to see my show and our new space!

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