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Thursday, June 10, 2010

St. Michael's Farm Preservation Celebration and Art Exhibit

Saint Alphonsus From Saint Michael's
"St. Alphonsus From St. Michael's"
6x8 oil on canvas

Saint Michaels Creek
"St Michael's Creek"
6x8 oil on board

The D&R Greenway Land Trust recently preserved the 340 acre Saint Michael property just outside of Hopewell Borough and this weekend they're having a celebration to mark the occasion, featuring:
  • live music
  • food and beverage vendors
  • the First Annual Hopewell Valley Trail Run
  • information about the Preserve
  • an exhibition & sale of plein-air art of the St. Michaels Farm Preserve (which is how I fit in)

Hopewell Valley
"Hopewell Valley"
8x10 oil on board

The Land Trust invited artists to paint and photograph the Preserve last weekend. It was my first visit to the property, and I was amazed at what an absolutely gorgeous piece of land it is - 200 acres of farmland, 140 acres of mature forest, creeks and streams, views overlooking Hopewell and Hopewell Valley. I am so thankful that this was preserved! If it were developed, it could have been covered with up to 1,020 homes plus commercial space.

Last weekend I did the 4 small paintings shown here and they'll all be exhibited at the celebration being held this Saturday, June 12 from 11:30 to 2:30. (Rain date June 13.) Park at the Hopewell Elementary School on Princeton Ave, and shuttles will be taking people to the park entrance on Aunt Molly Road. It's recommended to bring a blanket or lawn chair with you. Visit the D&R Greenway website for more information.

35% of the proceeds from all artwork sold will go to the D&R Greenway, so your purchases will help support a good cause!

Saint Michaels Barn
"St Michael's Barn"
8x10 oil on linen

The Preserve takes it's name from the St. Michael's Orphanage and Industrial School built there in 1896 by the Diocese of Trenton. The orphanage closed in 1973 and the land remained undeveloped until the Diocese approached the Greenway in 2004 and set the wheels in motion for preserving the property. Fortunately for us, that came to pass, and the land was officially preserved as of Jan 19, 2010. I hope you can attend the celebration and see St. Michael's for yourself.

By the way, I painted inside the barn one day because it was so hot and windy outside. The barn provided some nice relief, and a group of barn swallows provided some nice entertainment while I painted.

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