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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Imagine Sky: Dream in Color

Joe Kaz's wall in "Dream in Color"

 "Dream in Color" - a duo show of Joe Kazimierczyk and Gail Bracegirdle running July 10 - August 3, 2014 at:

Artists' Gallery
18 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ
[map & directions]
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 11am-6pm

"Imagined Sky #12"
6x8" oil on linen

This the first show where I've ever had such a strong theme - all of my paintings are cloudscapes and skyscapes.   And of the 25 paintings I'm showing, 21 of them were done from memory and imagination - something I've rarely done before.

I hung a sign on the wall explaining a bit about this series, so here it is:

Imagine Sky

I paint on location quite a bit, and when working this way, one has to paint fast because things can change very quickly - the sun moves, shadows shift, and the scene can look very different minute by minute.  This is true when painting landscapes with trees or buildings, but it's especially true when paintings skies.  Clouds can move very fast, and sunsets can change dramatically second by second.  So even when I paint on location, I'm usually painting the skies from how I remember they looked at a certain point in time.   When memory isn't serving me, I imagine what the sky looked like at that certain moment.

With this in mind, I did a series of "Imagined Skies" painted entirely from memory and imagination..  This gave me the freedom to create works with a certain color scheme in mind, a certain mood, a feeling of quiet stillness, or nature at it's most dramatic...  I had the freedom to try anything I could imagine but I always strove for a strong sense of realism, or heightened realism.

Working on this series, I spent every opportunity I had just looking at skies - the artist's life is a tough one!   Some of these paintings were inspired by sky colors or cloud shapes from memory, some were totally imagined.  I suspect that my own memory is half imagined anyway!

Some of the foregrounds are memories of places that I'm very familiar with - a park I visit often, the field across the street from my home.   And when I now compare those paintings to the actual place, it's not the match one would expect.  Yet the painting feels like the place to me, more so than a photograph would, and this is causing me to reexamine how I define realism - a visually accurate rendition of a place verses an artwork that invokes the spirit of a place - which is more 'real'?

I'll probably continue this series for a while, and hope to use some of the lessons learned in exploring other subjects as well.

Thanks for looking,

Joe Kazimierczyk

Gail Bracegirdle also has a strong theme to her half of the show - watercolor florals done on crinkled paper - you have to see them in person to fully appreciate the texture that the paper adds to the work.

Gail Bracegirdle's wall in "Dream in Color"

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Dream in Color - July at Artists' Gallery in Lambertville, NJ

"Dream in Color"
a 2-person show with Joe Kazimierczyk and Gail Bracegirdle
at Artists' Gallery in Lambertville, NJ

July 10 - August 3, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12, 5-8 pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, August 3, 2-5 pm
 left: "Sunflower" by Gail Bracegirdle
right: "Imagined Sky #15" by Joe Kazimierczyk

This July I'm teaming up with Gail Bracegirdle for our first show together at Artists' Gallery. The show entitled "Dream in Color" is my biggest show this year so I hope you get a chance to see it.

The show runs July 10 though August 3, 2014 with an opening reception on Saturday, July 12, 5-8 pm at:

Artists' Gallery
18 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ
[map & directions]
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 11am-6pm

Gail Bracegirdle is an amazing watercolorist who is always exploring media and technique. For this show, Gail is exhibiting a series of florals painted on crinkled paper. The paper adds a wonderful sense of mystery to the work:

Gail Bracegirdle
watercolor on crinkled paper

Most of what I'm showing is a new body of work - a series of "Imagined Skies". Skies can change so quickly that when I paint on location, I'm usually painting how I remember the sky looking at some earlier point in time. So I took that idea one step further and created this series of paintings done entirely from memory and imagination. It's the biggest series I've ever painted and I don't think I'm finished yet. I'll be showing a good number of imagined skies - all small works. I'll also be showing a few pieces painted more traditionally, but all with a big emphasis on the sky.

Here are a few of the paintings I'll have in the show:

"Imagined Sky #17"
8x10" oil on linen

"Imagined Sky #3"
5x7" oil on canvas

"Imagined Sky #11"
5x7" oil on canvas

If you can't make the opening reception, I hope you can see the show sometime during the month. If you can't make it during normal gallery hours, please let me know and I can arrange to open the gallery at a time convenient for you. Finally, we are having a small closing reception on the last day of the show, Sunday August 3, from 2-5pm.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trenton Then & Now: Contemporary Views

I have 2 pieces in the show "Trenton Then & Now: Contemporary Views" running June 28 - September 14, 2014 at:

Ellarslie, The Trenton City Museum
in Cadwalader Park
Trenton, New Jersey
Phone: (609) 989-3632

Opening Reception: June 28
Members and Artists only: 6-7pm, General Public 7-8pm

This is one of the shows at the Trenton City Museum to commemorate New Jersey’s 350th anniversary, and includes work by nineteen regional artists whose work interprets Trenton's history in a variety of ways, depicting people and places both past and present.

My work in this show depicts the D&R Canal and towpath with a railroad bridge crossing overhead - a reference to the transportation and industry which played a big part in Trenton's past and present. The D&R Canal may be unchanged in appearance, but it's usage has changed from industrial to recreational. Railroad lines may not be as heavily used as in the past, but are still active and important.

"Canal Reflections"
8x10" oil on board

"Railroad Reflections"
16x20" oil on canvas

The small 8x10" painting was done on location.  The larger 16x20" version was done in the studio using the plein air piece and photographs for reference - those trains went by too fast for me to get them in the plein air version!

In addition to these pieces, my "Small Works" show at Ellarslie is still running with 10 pieces on display.  (This was originally scheduled to end June 15 but will remain up for a while yet.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ellarslie Open XXXI

Joe Kazimierczyk
"I95 Sunset"
12x24" oil on canvas

My painting of this sunset over Interstate 95 is included into this year's Ellarslie Open, taking place May 3 - June 22, 2014 at:

Ellarslie, The Trenton City Museum
in Cadwalader Park
Trenton, New Jersey
Phone: (609) 989-3632

VIP Night:
Friday, May 2, 2014, 6-8 p.m., Awarding of Prizes
$10 in advance, $15 at the door

General Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 3, 2014, 6-9 p.m
Free and open to the public

Concurrent with the Ellarslie Open, I also have 10 pieces in a "Small Works" exhibit in the McCall Gallery at Ellarslie, downstairs from the Museum Shop.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Small Works at Ellarslie

Ellarslie has been running a series of Small Works shows featuring a diverse group of regional artists. I am part of this series and have 10 small landscapes on display.  The show runs April 17 through June 15, 2014 at:

Ellarslie, The Trenton City Museum
in Cadwalader Park
Trenton, New Jersey
Phone: (609) 989-3632
[map & directions]
(closed Easter Sunday)

The Small Works show is in the McCall Gallery, which is downstairs from the Museum Shop. Also showing with me are Neil Larsen and Ingrid Davis.

Here are a few of the pieces I am showing:

"Sunset on 518"
8x10 oil on canvas

"Farm Lane"
5x7" oil on board

"Dory Dilts' Barns"
6x8" oil on canvas on board

"Amwell Sky"
5x7 oil on canvas on board

I'll also have a painting in the Ellarslie Open XXXI, which opens May 2 - I'll post more on that soon.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Artists of Yardley 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition

My painting "Wertsville Winter" is in the 3rd Annual Artists of Yardley Juried Show:

Joe Kazimierczyk
"Wertsville Winter"
18x24" oil on canvas

The show runs April 4 - 27, 2014 and is being held at:

AOY Art Center
The Janney House on The Patterson Farm
949 Mirror Lake Road
Yardley, Pa. 19067

Opening reception: Friday, April 4, 6-9 pm

The painting is a scene heading west on Wertsville Road, approaching Ringoes, NJ.

Friday, February 28, 2014

"Lyrical" at Artists' Gallery

This is the final weekend for "Lyrical" - a group show that I'm part of at:

Artists' Gallery
18 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530  [map

The show is a celebration of poetry and song through fine art.   Each painting in the show is accompanied by a lyric or verse from song or poem which in some way relates to the artists' inspiration for that piece.  All 18 Artists' Gallery artists are included in this show.

Here are 2 pieces I have in the show, and the poem I chose to accompany each:

"Stony Brook Boulders"
11x14" oil on board

Pine Forest 

Let us go now into the forest.
Trees will pass by your face,
and I will stop and offer you to them,
but they cannot bend down.
The night watches over its creatures,
except for the pine trees that never change:
the old wounded springs that spring
blessed gum, eternal afternoons.
If they could, the trees would lift you
and carry you from valley to valley,
and you would pass from arm to arm,
a child running
from father to father.

--Gabriela Mistral

"Autumn Gold"
16x20" oil on canvas

Fall, Leaves, Fall 

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.

I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night's decay
Ushers in a drearier day.

--Emily Jane Brontë

The show ends this Sunday, March 2.  The weekend should be snow free so come out, see the show, and enjoy a day in town before the next snowstorm!   Artists' Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday, 11am-6pm.

In addition to the 2 paintings above, I have a few more hanging in one of the other rooms:

Friday, December 06, 2013

AG 18/18/18 - December at Artists' Gallery

This weekend begins the Annual Holiday Art Exhibit at Artists' Gallery.   This year's show is entitled "AG 18/18/18" to celebrate the gallery's 18th year of operation, it's 18 artists, and it's location at 18 Bridge Street.

Opening Reception is Saturday, December 7, from 4-7pm.

These are the 2 paintings I'm featuring in the main room:

"Winter on the Towpath"
12x24" oil on canvas

"Woodfern Winter"
11x14" oil on canvas

Altogether, I have 10 paintings hanging this month, a mix of large and small, winter, spring and summer - I tried to put up a good variety:

Currently running at:

Artists' Gallery
18 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530  [map

Special note: the City of Lambertville will bag all parking meters beginning December 17th through Christmas Day - that certainly makes life easier for holiday shopping.

I hope you can stop by and see the show!

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