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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Show at the Artists Gallery

At the Artists' Gallery, we're doing our usual group show - instead of using the front room for a 2-person show, we're using that space so that all gallery members can show their work for December, January and February. Our December group show is titled:

Of Art and Ornaments
Hot Art for a Cool Season

In addition to the usual artwork we show, gallery members have created Holiday ornaments - all original artwork at very reasonable prices. My contribution will be some handmade porcelain ornaments that I made quite a while ago. I used to do a lot of ceramics back in the early 90's and I still have a few of these on hand - I think they look good hanging in the house year round, so they're not just Christmas ornaments:

Besides the ornaments, I'll have some new, very small paintings up. I did a series of 5x7" works recently, and since our Holiday shows usually feature smaller works, it seemed like a good time to bring them out. Here's one:

"Ridge Road, October"
5x7 oil on panel


  1. Love that little painting!! Did you do it all with the knife?

  2. Thanks, Stacey. Yes, that painting was all knife work. This year I've started using the knife a lot more and I really like how clean and crisp I can put paint down with it.


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