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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Ferry House

You might have noticed that I like painting tree shadows on roadways, but this isn't a new painting, it's a new place where I'm showing my paintings:

The Ferry House
32 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
map and directions
Reservations: 609-924-2488

The Ferry House is a very nice restaurant in the heart of Princeton, NJ. My paintings are up now and should be there for a few months. I've never painted right in the town of Princeton but I'm showing some paintings that were done very nearby.

I'll have 15 to 20 paintings on display, here are a few of them:

"Rockafellow Road"
8x10 oil on board

"Clayton Park"
16x20 acrylic on canvas

20x16 oil on board

"Montgomery Windows"
11x14 oil on board

The Ferry House can get pretty busy, so reservations are recommended. Owner and chef Bobby Trigg is doing pretty well for himself and will be opening 2 additional restaurants in the area soon. If you've never been to The Ferry House, it's worth a visit.

And maybe I will paint that tree shadow across Witherspoon Street in front of The Ferry House someday...


  1. I really like your trees and shadows. I watch those, and clouds, too, a lot. Good luck with your show.

  2. You'll do great with the show I'm sure. Your paintings are great. I was surprised to see the acrylic. I don't think I've seen you work in acrylic before. Nice show of work!

  3. Thanks, Cecelia.

    Nancy, I used to paint a lot with acrylics, but lately I've been doing all oils. I hung a few older paintings in this show so that includes a few acrylics. I'll probably get back to painting with acrylics again someday.

  4. Oh, JoE!

    Rockafellow Road is killing me! PUrple shadows and haunting trees...you are amazing!


  5. Thanks, Deb. Funny you should say 'haunting trees'. A few people described that painting as spooky, but I never saw it that way. Thanks for the comments!


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