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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Subscribe to this Blog or Newsletter

I've added an email sign-up box to the sidebar of this blog. If you sign up, you'll receive an email whenever I post something new, so you can easily keep up on my latest news.

You may have noticed that I also have a newsletter that you can sign up for. So what's with all of the sign up options? Newsletter... blog... My newsletter is for the big news, like show openings, or a consolidated list of smaller news - on the average, I send these out less than monthly. My blog will also have the big news, but a lot of smaller things too, and I post here more often - maybe weekly. Some of the blog entries eventually get rolled into a newsletter. Well, now that I've cleared that up... Subscribe to my newsletter if you only want the big news. Subscribe to my blog if you don't want to miss out on anything. (Or subscribe to both.)

If you're familiar with the world of blogging, you probably know about the other ways of reading or subscribing by using rss or atom feeds. But if that's geek / Greek to you, the email signup is a simple option.

Note that I can see your email when you subscribe. I will respect your privacy, never share your email with anyone else, and never use your email for any purpose other than your blog or newsletter subscription. Since the blog subscription is powered by FeedBlitz , you may want to read the privacy policy on their website if you have any concerns.

One nice feature of FeedBlitz is that if you subscribe to multiple blogs via FeedBlitz, you only get one email, and it contains a digest of all the updates which were posted that day.

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